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The vine Alvarinho is personalized and it distinguishes itself from the others by its balance. Of citrine color, the light and cool palate, the fruity aroma, it is, due to its originality, one of the best white wines in the world.

Although it is produced in the region of Green Wines, the vine Alvarinho, been born in the sub-region of Monção, postpones remaining white wines of the region, not only at the chemical level but also at the level of sensory analysis. 

Being characterized by an extremely rich, diversified and complex aromatic component, Alvarinho presents an aroma delicate and caract the vine, with a fruity one intense, excellent, and in which we can detect the elementary aromas of the nature: peach, banana, passion fruit, lemon, hazelnut, etc.

Question flavor, it is complex, harmonious, persistent, soft and dry. The quality, the balance and the maximization of its potentiality are obtained after a few months of apprenticeship in the bottle, and should be consumed rather of the next year of the wine making. Many domains are ready to welcome you for wine-tasting, please do not hesitate to visit them !




The salted cod (bacalhau) is known since the 15th century. The Portuguese sailors were the first to fetch this fish near the North Pole, in Newfoundland, as well as on the African coasts. It was imperative for them to find a non-perishable food which could bear months of journey, being of use to them as basic food during their marine trips.

They had the idea to salt it, then to air it in the sun, on their boats. Thanks to the cod, the expeditions took place then in better conditions. This way of making allowed them to have so always at their disposal a food of choice, indeed convervé. In fact, they invented a technique of preservation.

Of the liver of cod, we extract an oil known well under the name of cod-liver oil, the nourishing properties of which are of a fabulous wealth. This oil is in particular rich in vitamin B. A cod reaches more than 50kg and measures more than a meter at the age of 20, and it can live up to 30 years.

The bacalhau can be served in a 1000 different ways... Most of the time, it is served with french fries and rice. Up to you to discover which way fits you most !




Portugal is well known for its various delicatessen! Quite so delicious and flavourful... Take advantage of one very wide selection of chorizos, cured hams and other salamis. Try sausages cooked in the brandy. Perfect to accompany the small apéritifs! The only ham of the region of the North benefiting from an protected label is the ham of Chaves. Nearby Spain also presents us with their fantastic products (Serrano, pata negra, etc.).